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Are you looking for Full Jaguar Servicing in Warwickshire? Based in Snitterfield, we offer Jaguar servicing and repairs for customers in Stratford, Warwick, Wellesbourne, Leamington Spa, Coventry,  Redditch, Ettington, Gaydon, Solihull and Alcester.

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Jaguar Manufacturer Service

We offer high-quality, genuine equivalent to dealership servicing for any Jaguar vehicles. We hope that you will prefer to utilise our recommended schedule service.

Our specially qualified technicians use quality Jaguar replacement parts during a service to maintain the validity of your Jaguar warranty. The service is tailored specifically to your Jaguar model, mileage and age and all as recommended by Jaguar.
A service of this kind also guarantees the validity of your vehicle warranty. 

There are a Series of Initial Checks that we Perform
When Receiving your Car

First, we immediately check the vehicle history, carefully noting any necessary customer comments and recommendations. It means we can immediately become aware of any issues with your vehicle so that we may service it efficiently. 

Check All Trims

Check Vehicle Lamps

Check The Number Plate

Check All Interior And Exterior Mirrors

Check the bodywork for any visible or underlying damage

Check the timing belt interval

Check the condition of the vehicle log using the servicing app

Service Requirements

You must ensure that routine services are occasionally carried out on your Jaguar throughout its lifespan and existence on the road. Traditionally, your repair or maintenance services should be due after your Jaguar vehicle has reached an elapsed time or a specific mileage.

Annual service is vital to keep your warranty valid, ensure your vehicle will run efficiently, and ultimately maintain its performance on the road. Your Jaguar is fitted with a service interval reminder inside the instrument panel which will alert you, as soon as you switch on the ignition, when a service is due. This alert will display an indication of the distance to your next service.

The instrument panel countdown is immediately reset after a service is completed. As many services offered are annual, your next service is likely to be required within the next 4-12 months. Ensure that you keep a record of your Jaguar services, maintenance or repairs, as this helps to determine when you should book your next appointment.

Types of services

Jaguar Interim service

We would highly recommend scheduling an Interim Service every six or so months or every 6,000 miles whichever occurs first.

You may choose whichever option is sooner and makes the most sense to you as the car owner.

It may be best to look at your service history and driving schedule to determine your service requirements. In doing so, your car can stay completely roadworthy and safe to continue driving between your complete 6 month services. 

At PRP Vehicle Services, we offer an Interim Service package that is suitable for all Jaguar cars including those that regularly complete short journeys and those that travel the country’s motorway network. It is also suitable for high mileage vehicles and will give you peace of mind that your car is fully functional between annual services. . 

Our Interim Service provides many features and benefits, including oil filter replacements and oil changes. We also offer extensive additional inspections, for example, suspension, exhaust checks, and a visual brake check.  

Our professional technicians, registered in England, have the skills to carry out all necessary tasks during an interim maintenance service. They aim to quickly detect and diagnose any issues regardless of your vehicle’s age. They then recommend a suitable course of action so that you can comfortably and safely continue with your journey.

Jaguar Full Service

Annual full Jaguar Service is a yearly maintenance programme fit for any Jaguar vehicle. 

We highly recommend that this service is completed every 12,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever is sooner to suit your car and driving schedule.

Receiving annual servicing will ultimately reduce the risks of any breakdowns when driving, however long or short your journey is.

It is also great for maintaining the overall value of your Jaguar vehicle; in the near or distant future, you may wish to sell it on and keeping it in good shape will be highly beneficial. 

A Full Service includes all the checks and inspections you will recognise in the Interim Service package, alongside an additional examination of other components and interior parts. The inspections included, are your engine, power steering fluid (which we may top-up for you if necessary), and the air filter replacement. Also the cabin filter where fitted. 

The technicians we employ are all thoroughly trained and we ensure that we use genuine Jaguar replacement parts wherever possible. Also our workshops contain all the necessary tools and equipment to detect issues so that we can recommend a solution.  

Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions or are looking for a quote. We're always happy to help, come along and see us. 

Cost Effective Servicing

Experiencing high-quality driving performance is made possible through careful Jaguar maintenance and repairs.

The programme presents an incredibly dedicated service most suitable for Jaguar models older than three years.

You'll receive complete peace of mind with this particular servicing programme as trained technicians will use their diagnostic ability and considerable experience to remedy issues should they arise. We use genuine Jaguar parts wherever possible that come complete with a two-year valid warranty.  We offer the most competitive servicing prices across the country.

We provide a guaranteed cost-effective price match directly against registered and authorised Jaguar approved repairers to further reassure our customers.

By coming to us, you'll have peace of mind knowing you'll always receive the best deals and outcomes.

Jaguars are one of the most desirable vehicles currently on the car sales market across worldwide showrooms, and this is why maintaining your Jaguar vehicle is crucial.

The services available to our customers have been meticulously designed to ensure your car continues to drive and perform efficiently at typical mileages.

A wide range of benefits come with bringing your Jaguar to our vehicle workshop for annual servicing, MOT tests or routine maintenance.

Is My Warranty Protected?

Yes, your warranty is protected, provided that your vehicle is being serviced within its warranty agreement period. Ensuring you keep your service history with a stamp in your logbook will keep it valid.

The European Parliament passed a law in 2002 based on Block Exemption. The law deems the manufacturer's practice of forcing all owners of cars to visit dealerships for vehicle servicing to protect the warranty too challenging or restrictive.

Due to this law, we now have access to plenty of essential details, including Jaguar official service schedules and manufacturer service information, to ensure your warranty is never invalidated. 

Jaguar Service And Repairs

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