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Jaguar MOT Repairs and Testing
Snitterfield, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwick, Warwickshire

Are you looking for Jaguar MOT Repairs and Testing in Warwickshire? Based in Snitterfield, we offer Jaguar servicing and repairs for customers in Stratford, Warwick, Wellesbourne, Leamington Spa, Coventry,  Redditch, Ettington, Gaydon, Solihull and Alcester.

Why is an MOT so important?

An MOT for a Jaguar, or any car, is a requirement annually; however, the most crucial part is choosing the best workshop centre to take your vehicle to for testing. 

You will want to search for the shops that charge the industry standard DVSA fixed prices. Sometimes, it is prevalent for independent garages to charge customers much less for the services they offer; however, settling for less may mean that you perhaps will receive fewer service and maintenance or repairs during your inspection. 

Whereas, with a Jaguar-approved centre, trained professionals will take their time to genuinely check everything properly, ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive by all the manufacturer's standards.

Jaguar MOT Repairs and Testing Snitterfield, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwick, Warwickshire

Ensuring that you stay safe in your vehicle is vital to us, various other local garages and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Annually checking your vehicle's condition is a UK law and helps prevent fatalities on the road due to vehicle faults. 

The environment is also just as important to us as basic road safety. Nowadays, vehicle's are much more limited to the amount of CO2 they can produce to pass the annual MOT. The average person may not be aware of this unless they receive a test. 

PRP Vehicle Services Ltd, all our maintenance services have been thoroughly updated to suit all models and recent laws or guidelines, including the CO2 laws. 

Jaguar MOT Criteria

Vehicle Identification Number: The number must be displayed permanently, and it has to be legible for professionals to see from when it is first used. Such was made part of the criteria after the 1st August 1980. 

Registration Plate: From the condition, legibility, the format of the numbers and letters and for security purposes, this is an essential factor. 

Lights: They must work efficiently, and the aim of your headlamps are adequately checked to see if they are correct. 

Suspension and steering: These must be operated correctly and in good condition.

Windscreen wipers and washers: Must operate properly and offer the driver a clear view. 

Your horn: Must also operate properly.  

All seatbelts: Must be installed and work efficiently. 

The posture of your seats: Must be secure, upright and correct.

There must be efficient fuel caps that fasten and seal correctly, and there should be no oil leaks from your fuel system.

Your vehicles exhaust emission must meet the requirements based on the fuel type and the age of your car. No matter how many years old it is, it must meet the exhaust criteria to be valid in MOTs. 

You must have a secure, complete exhaust system with no risk of serious leaks. 

Your vehicle's structure must be completely free of damage in all specific areas and from excessive corrosion in the future. It must have no sharp edges that could cause injury. 

Your car doors must open and close efficiently and securely, offering all the proper access. 

Mirrors must be in good condition and be secure. 

Brakes have to be of quality performance, operation and condition. All suitable vehicles receive testing on roller brake testers. 

Your wheels and tyres are thoroughly tested on their size, type, tread depth and condition. Any spare tyres you possess will not be tested.

After 3-years, any Jaguar cars that exist in the UK will, by law, require an MOT certificate. 

Jaguar MOT test

When booking your Jaguar MOT tests or routine car services today, please contact {company_name) Ltd or the local garage workshop that will provide you with all the inspections and repairs at affordable but cost-effective prices. 

Request a call back from our professional technicians that have been registered in England, or you may even book an appointment date online at our website. Our workshops have been diligently following COVID-19 guidelines to ensure that everything is safe during these times. 

Use the phone number or email address on the website to get in touch. Our business service plan can guarantee peace of mind for all Jaguar customers and can help validate your vehicles warranty.

Call us if you wish to subject the details of your vehicle that would be necessary to complete your repair, or you need some assistance from our professionals regarding your Jaguar car. 

Book MOT Test Check for my Jaguar

Numerous Jaguar drivers prefer to stick with their original main dealers, especially for the initial three years of ownership. As we are in the business, we understand that some have no choice due to specific purchases that can tie them directly to their dealer for annual Jaguar servicing. 

When the MOT rolls around after the three-year mark, main dealers are no longer necessary or the best choice to ensure you achieve the pass you need to get a certificate and ultimately continue driving. At this stage, you gain the freedom to schedule your Jaguar's MOT at an independent garage that is catered towards the Jaguar models. 

Please note that if you find yourself a strong network of garages whose expertise are Jaguar service engineering and repairs, these will guarantee you good, creditable workmanship, fair dealing and often an excellent local reputation. 

All drivers of Jaguar vehicles can take plenty of advantage of the fantastic, cost-effective prices and high-quality service. Customers can enjoy professional premium engineering, delivery and collection without the prices you expect to pay with your primary dealer. 

You may be happy to hear that the Jaguar X-Type is far more likely to achieve a pass during an MOT test, instead of cars the same age. The pass rate is around 65% each time, with newer models more likely to receive a passing score than older models. 

The most significant factors that fail are reflectors, electrical equipment and lamps; often, these are straightforward problems that you and professionals can quickly solve. Ensure you get tested at an independent garage, as they do not charge for any retests. 

Do I need to have MOT?

Jaguar's S-Type has garnered a rep for the same failure profile; however, 9% of these models fail due to their tyres. It is best to ensure you thoroughly check your tyres before your annual MOT test. 

Look for the best Pro-tyre network if you have an XJ MOT scheduled, as this way, you can have the best and easiest access to independent mechanical centres and all the latest accessories that will help prevent faults in the future. The professional technicians at our and other centres will have the expertise on your Jaguar model to provide the best advice when testing it and ensure it passes any MOTs it has carried out.

Do I need to have MOT?

In addition to the very apparent performance and safety enhancements that service and MOT can offer and the diagnosis of your vehicle's issues, a lack of an MOT certificate means you lawfully cannot drive on the road. You also will not be able to renew any of your road tax efficiently. No valid certificate could also put you at significant risk of a £1,000 fine.

Suppose you find yourself involved in an accident, you may be asked to present your MOT certificate to authorities. If not, it will impact your insurance claims significantly if you, your passengers or anyone else on the road is injured. 

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency have now computerised the MOT test system. That format allows police patrols and mobile camera units to thoroughly check if any existing MOT certificates are linked or associated with your vehicle. 

Remember that an MOT or any routine maintenance performed on your Jaguar vehicles will only validate your insurance claims and finance warranty.

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