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Are you looking for Independent Jaguar Repairs in Warwickshire? Based in Snitterfield, we offer Jaguar servicing and repairs for customers in Stratford, Warwick, Wellesbourne, Leamington Spa, Coventry, Redditch, Ettington, Gaydon, Solihull and Alcester. 

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Independent Jaguar Repair Specialists

You will quickly discover that PRP Vehicle Services are willing and happy to repair and help maintain any problem you may run into from the moment you purchase your Jaguar. Whether it be a challenging gearbox that continuously drops out of gear or a slipping clutch, our skilled professionals at PRP Vehicle Services are always here to help.

We aim to ensure that all replacement parts match warranty-approved parts from their specific manufacturer's model. There are numerous Jaguar models, for example, Jaguar F-Pace - a model that offers a new dynamic look and spacious, luxurious interior, the Jaguar F-Type - which provides both style and breathtaking performance and Jaguar XJ - offering cutting-edge technology and incredible luxury.

We offer our clients a 12-month warranty for all Jaguar servicing, maintenance and repairs. You should always ensure that your vehicle is repaired by a reputable, quality, manufacturer approved repairer such as PRP Vehicle Services. 

PRP Vehicle Services are insurer and manufacturer-approved. Our qualified technicians are Jaguar trained and use genuine Jaguar parts wherever possible, alongside the matching paints to correct any paintwork damage.  We can assure you that we will effectively repair your Jaguar to industry manufacturing standards, giving you peace of mind so that you can enjoy your Jaguar.

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Gearbox Repair

Our team can provide high-quality repairs for your gearbox. Over many years, we have garnered a team of highly-trained expert technicians to diagnose any gearbox problems that may crop up using state-of-the-art specialist diagnostic equipment.

Our Gearbox Repair

Your gearbox is an essential part that contributes to the smooth running and reliability of your Jaguar. PRP Vehicle Services undertake diagnostics and repairs to all Jaguar model gearboxes. It is essential that gearbox problems are diagnosed quickly before they affect your Jaguar's overall performance.

It is vital to ensure that your gearbox is in optimum condition to continue working efficiently and safely. With the help of all the latest specialist computer technology and diagnostic equipment, our qualified professionals aim to detect and remedy gearbox problems before they develop into a more serious problem. 

Gearbox Issues

Gearbox problems that may occur are listed below:

Dropping in and out of gear frequently.

Your vehicle cannot efficiently select a gear or does not respond when in 'Drive'.

Whining, crunching, or any other unusual noises coming from the gearbox.

Desynchronised transmissions or faults with the DSG Mechatronic Units.

Leaking fluids or oils; could lead to further problems.

Engine Repair

PRP Vehicle Services offer engine repair options at affordable prices to suit your budget. Whether you have an electric, diesel or petrol engine, our professional technicians can provide various upgrades or repairs to your engine. These upgrades can include the addition of turbochargers, injectors, or spark plugs and repairs may include head gaskets, cylinder head refurbishment or diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

Our Engine Repair

We can offer you a completely comprehensive repair service for your engine, and you may spread the costs between the interest-free four-month or 12-month finance options. Our staff have many years of experience in the industry and have harnessed the ability to repair engines in the Jaguar range.

PRP Vehicle Services may offer an Interim Service for those drivers that use their vehicle for short regular journeys or for those that have exceptionally high mileage.

Turbo Repair

Turbochargers have increased dramatically in popularity over the years, because they provide a large power gain from over a normally aspirated engine. Turbochargers provide a positive air pressure to the engine and so do not rely on intake vacuum. This then enables more fuel to be supplied and subsequently more efficient power.

We can offer you a repair service that is dedicated and has the options of reconditioning, various upgrades, repair or an exchange turbo.

Engine Issues

Some of the more common engine issues you may encounter are:

Fuel pump or oil pump problems.

The issue of engines overheating.

Damage to the valve or piston ring.

Camshaft belt or timing chain issues.

A smoking or rattling engine.

A significant loss of coolant or oil.

Running the engine in limp mode.

Contaminated or blocked air filters.

Worn out spark plugs.

Engine management lights turned on.

Turbo Issues

You may have turbocharger issue if you detect your turbocharger is:

Incredibly noisy when driving, or perhaps if you hear a whistling noise.

It has a distinct lack of power.

A loss of oil or a smoking engine.

It has restricted performance or only runs in limp mode.

Its compressor seals are damaged.

You notice that the exhaust smoke is discoloured or a shade of blue.

Jaguar Minor Repairs

Our experienced technicians can repair any scratch, scuff or imperfection on your vehicle. See below for a list of repairs that Jaguar cosmetic technicians can undertake at relatively minimal cost, as efficiently as possible.

Dent Removal

Minor dents to your Jaguar vehicle, perhaps caused by shopping trolleys or adjacent car doors, can be repaired through the system of Paintless Dent Removal. The system allows technicians to massage dents out, which prevents resprays and technician's labour costs.

Alloy Wheels

If your alloy wheels have encountered an accident where they have received scratches or slight scuffs, these can all be repaired and ultimately, avoid the need for new wheels. It is important to also check for buckling especially with the low profile tyres and poor roads we encounter.

Scratch Repair

Scratches to paintwork can objectively ruin the appearance of your Jaguar vehicle. Our technicians have access to the latest advanced technology and various paint applications that allow us to restore your car to its original form.

Glass Repair

Glass repair can save you money and loss of time. Our skilled professionals can repair your windscreen stone chip damage in 30 to 60 minutes. If your windscreen chip is more than 7cm from the edge of your windscreen it can usually be repaired safely.

Accident Repair

PRP Vehicle Services are equipped with all the latest equipment and tools to have your Jaguar efficiently repaired and looking or performing at least as well as it did when you first bought it. You can trust us with your vehicle; our professional engineers ensure that you will receive excellent customer service every time. 

In the case of an accident you may not be aware that it is your legal right to decide where your vehicle is repaired and which body shop you choose to take it to. You may get other companies and specific repairers promoted to you, which is done to keep the insurer's competitive costs down. However, they may suggest a service centre or particular business that cannot provide the genuine parts or accessories, care and attention that your Jaguar requires.

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PRP Vehicle Services utilise specialist computer diagnostic equipment, which allows us to carry out health checks on your Jaguar vehicle. Using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), our professionals will only ever fit, where possible, manufacturer-approved or Jaguar-approved parts for your car.

We will ensure that your Jaguar vehicle receives high-quality repairs and is maintained in a way that does not invalidate the manufacturer's warranty. Our technicians and engineers will wash your car when you book an initial complete service for no additional charge. 

Annual service is paramount, especially for regular maintenance, as this expands the lifespan and reliability of your vehicle, whether it be a Jaguar or Land Rover and can enhance the performance. Keeping hold of your service history will allow you to schedule your Jaguar service or perhaps even a health check within a time frame that keeps your warranty valid.

Jaguar Service And Repairs

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